Sophie Hart, Stylist


Tell us a little bit about how you became a stylist and  your company Sophie Hart Styling (SHS). 

"When I was younger I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I was always creative. My favourite subject at school was Film & TV, so at first I thought I wanted to be a photographer. When I didn't get into the photography course my parents made me do a Business and marketing course at a private collage, so that I would have some sort of further education behind me. When I turned 20 I moved to London and got my first real job working as receptionist for a TV Production Company, I then landed a job as an Office Manager of an Interior Design studio. It was here I learnt you could style for a living. I remember opening an ELLE Decoration UK magazine and saying to one of the designers how do they get all the stuff for these pages she told me that there were stylist that sourced everything. And I thought that’s what I want to do!  I completed a short course in Interior Design & Decoration and moved to Sydney, with the view of becoming an interior stylist. 
My first job opportunity came in 2001 as a props buyer for a TV commercial. It wasn’t long after that a producer came to me with a low budget job that they needed someone to do wardrobe on. I jumped at the chance and there was no looking back. Shortly after that I got a home page for NW Magazine and started to shoot all the celebrities for TV Week. In 2005 I got my own column in the S Magazine, Sun Herald Sunday paper supplement. It was a double page spread with fashion, home and beauty. That was the catalyst and really helped launch my career.
I was so busy and I loved it. I never wanted to miss out on a job but it’s hard to be one person and doing everything. So it got me thinking, architects and interior designers have businesses where it’s one persons design and vision with a team of people working for them why can’t styling be done on the same principal. With this I principal in mind I started Sophie Hart Styling (SHS) it was the first styling company in Australia. 
Since starting SHS in 2007 the business has gone from strength to strength. Year after year I have developed and built upon a diverse but loyal client base. In 2009 I launched a Personal Styling side to the business, as well as, Sophie Hart’s Style, a weekly e-commerce Style Edit featuring Trends and Lust Have items you can buy directly. And in 2013 I launched an eclectic online boutique Stuff & Things Store, selling hot homewares and cool, quirky accessories. 

On her beauty routine... 

I’m obsessed with organic brand MV Skincare <>   it’s made in Australia by Sarah McGlinchey she is amazing they call her the woman that saved beauty editors skin as her range is not alone natural and nourishing it really works! The Signature Mineral mask <>  is a favourite it’s rich in Silica, Zinc and Magnesium, and I love the Rose Oil <>  skin booster. I also love fragrances and I like lots to choose from, it all depends on how I’m feeling that day or what the weather is like. It sets the mood. There’s nothing better than a wonderful smell to evoke a feeling. 

I love investment pieces. Dressing for me is more about style then fashion. I love to look good everyday. When you walk out the door dressed for your day, the clothing and fashion you choose says something about you as a person. Really we use our clothes as a proxy for language, this is who I am. It’s a personal visual statement.

My daily outfit choices depend on what I’m doing, who I’m seeing and how I’m feeling.

Five wardrobe staples every women should have.. 

Crisp white shirt
Sexy pointy pumps
Great fitting jeans  
Matching underwear
The perfect fitted dress


What do you never leave home without?
For me it’s about the right attitude. I never leave home without a
positive fun one!

Current addiction..  
Good TV series and documentaries are always an addiction for me. 

On work/life balance...  
I love my job but at the end of a work day it’s the last thing on my mind. It’s super easy for me to switch off,  it’s really important to be able to do this for a healthy lifestyle. I love to ride my bike around Paddington and Centennial Park, do megaformer Pilates at Physicore or do a spin class at Flow Athletics. I’m also learning the play the piano – it’s been super challenging starting to learn something new later in life but I love it, I’m currently learning Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

On her home style... 

My home is a, mélange of items I have been collecting things for years. Everything has a story behind it. I love things from my travels. I’d say my favourite item is an antique Indian street lamp I picked up in a flea market in Paris

"All limitations are self imposed" 

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