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Tell us about your business, What is Inner Glow Goodness and how did it come about?

My business Innerglow Goodness is a Cold-Pressed Juice business which delivers 1,2,4 or 6 day cleanses straight to your door step, along with many other aspects such as wholesaling to local cafes, selling at markets and suppling personalised events! My business came about after i was living in perth, WA and i experienced a juice cleanse for my self. I did a 4 day juice cleanse, and i loved every second of it! It was tough at times but i felt amazing afterwards. People that had no idea i was on a cleanse were telling mei was ‘glowing’.. As i was telling my friends and family back home about my cleansing experience they would say, “i wish i could do that on the central coast. The coast really NEEDS this something like that.”

After my cleanse I was talking to a work colleague about our plans and hopes for our lives, what we would like to achieve and where we see ourselvesin the future.. I thendecided i wanted to do something i love, enjoy and am passionate about and thats when i realised i could start up my own Cold-Pressed juice business on the Central Coast.

How often would you suggest doing a juice cleanse? What are the main benefits of an IGG cleanse? 

How often you do a cleanse is totally up to you and how your body is feeling. You can certainly cleanse anywhere from once a month to once every six months. Listen to your body and cleanse when you feel your body is begging you for it! Whether you are cleansing or not, adding cold-pressed juices to your daily routine is an excellent way to improve overall health. 

Innerglow Goodness juice cleanses are designed to get you feeling great about your self on the inside and outside! Cleansing is the perfect way to influence weight-loss and transition you into a healthier diet. Your benefits from cleansing may be that you have lost weight, have clarity of mind, loss of craving for sugar and other addictions, sleep better, have healthier skin, nails, and hair, feel more alert and have a re-energized outlook on life. You will notice these wonderful benefits develop more and more when they are placed with a healthy lifestyle and regular cleansing. 

Juices Cleanse diets have become increasingly popular over the last few years do you think this is a trend thats here to stay?

Due to education the majority of people are realising how great a healthy life style and healthy eating habits are for overall well-being. A juice cleanse gives your body a jumpstart, leaving you with clarity of mind and purity of body. As studies develop further and further i feel like the health industry is only going to grow bigger over time, therefore, i do not think it is just a trend, i believe juice cleanses are here to stay!

Ive done two IGG cleanses and i always feel AMAZING after, but... Im not going to lie it can be hard to get though it without slip ups. Do you have any tips to help get though a juice cleanse ?

Yes there are definitely a few tips i can give to make your cleanse experience a bit of an easier journey! Preparing for a juice cleanse a few days before you begin your cleanse is really helpful as it gives your body more time to adjust. It can reduce the severity of those awful headachy, digestive or flu symptoms that some might experience as your body is under detoxification. Pre cleanse we suggest you take it easy, eat fresh, eat simple, eat whole foods. Try to eliminate all refined sugars, bread, pasta and white rice from your diet and also reduce and monitor the amounts of dairy and meat products in the coming days before you cleanse. Try to drink a lot of water to get your body use to the fluids.

Your skin is amazing. Describe your approach to beauty, Do you have a fave beauty product? 

Thank you! Ive never been much of a make up girl - buying my first bit of make at 17 years old. It does however come in handy if I'm looking a bit tired or have a sugar pimple pop up.. I use Nude by Nature mineral powder, its great as a cover up and doesn't make my skin feel oily, break out or feel like I'm even wearing make up!I love the feeling of being natural and i appreciate when i see girls not needing to cover up their beauty with make up. 

Do you take any supplements or superfood powders, if so what ones? 

Ive just started taking maca powder on a daily basis, and I cant wait to see what beniftis i gain from it, i will let you know!

Have you always been into health and nutrition?

I have always grown up in a healthy family. Soft drink, cordials, flavoured chips, biscuits, chocolates and lollies where never allowed anywhere near our house .. oh except for on sundays ‘lolly day’ we were allowed one packed of lollies split between me and my 5 sisters! So as a child i never really had the chance to not know about or not be in to health and nutrition - I grew up surrounded by 100% health foods! Looking back now i do appreciate it as it was a great foundation for my life laid by my mum…thanks mum! 

As i grew older things changed a little, i got very fond of sneaky trips to macdonalds on my way to and from school and getting take away for dinner multiple nights of the week. A few years later when i moved out of home i found myself having to make my own decisions about what food i was to keep in my cupboards, what foods i would snack on and what meals i would make for dinner. This is when i finally realised i do love eating clean and wholesome foods, i love the feeling of being healthy and feeding my body what it needs. This excited me and made me eager to learn more and more about the nutrition behind food and how to live and manage a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Name 5 staples you ALWAYS  have in your fridge or pantry?

AVOCADOS & EGGS are definitely my top two - i think would be happy just eating these two foods for the rest of my life.. super satisfying and also very delicious! I ALWAYS have sweet potato, tuna cans and corn chips in the cupboard (im a sucker for any type of chips)!

What have you found most challenging about starting up Innerglow Goodness?

The biggest challenges i have found so far with my business would be how time consuming it is! I love it and i enjoy every moment i spend working, but i find it hard not having as much time to spend with my family and friends. 

Whats the best part? 

The best part is definitely hearing amazing feed back from my customers, i love learning about everyones different experience and results they gain from their cleanses! I take a lot of pride in knowing that my JuicesCleanses have helped people to end their bad eating habits and transition in to a healthier lifestyle. 

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” 

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Photos by : Jackielyn Powell


Interview/ hair and make up : Tira Jaye